IPad battery life

The 11 hours and 17 minutes I got was impressive on its own, but also notable considering that the iPad Air got over 12 hours in the same test. Needless to say, you won’t often worry about charging either of these tablets. -- Katherine Boehret, All Things D

A lot of people are excited about the battery life on the new iPads; I have to admit however that I am not. To be honest it is a bit disappointing. Apple's 11" MacBook Air gets equal or better battery life on Mavericks than the iPad Air gets on iOS 7.

Yeah I know, the MacBook is larger and can therefore fit more battery into it. It is also running a power hog of a CPU when compared to the iPad's A7 chip. So yes, the MacBook has a bigger battery, it is also a bigger power muncher. The operating system requires more power and it has a larger (albeit not retina) display to power.

Maybe in the end it balances out and the battery life is about right. I still feel a device like the iPad Air should have substantially more battery life than the MacBook Air.