Logitech turns the iPhone into a GameBoy.

Logitech announced their new iPhone game pad that will transform your iPod Touch 5th gen, iPhone 5 and 5S into a game boy styled device. It will only cost you $100. I don't see this being popular enough at that price. Maybe for the ipad touch user base, which is usually teenagers and young kids, but in just don't see it taking off for iPhone users.

The device looks really slick on their website and it has a lot of potential. I would consider one, but I'm afraid at that price range it just isn't worth it. Logitech have said that it will support 300 games when launched, which sounds large but it's actually fairly small. The App Store has 175,000+ games alone. Supporting 300 is nothing. Another disappointing thing is the lack of 5c support. They support the 5th gen iPod touch by using a insert, why not provide a sleeve that allows the 5c to fit in it?

It's a cool device and will hopefully get better and cheaper as new ones are released. Until then, I'll just sit this one out.