Mud Designer's first real sprint

Now that I have Mud Designer moved over to Visual Studio Online (VSO) I can start really making use of the Agile platform that VSO is built on top of. Going forward, the project will adopt the Agile methodology, with developing taking place during sprints.

The first sprint started today with three User Stories being brought in to the sprint.

  • Text File Data Storage Service
  • Character Security Permissions
  • Command Security

Text File Data Storage Service

Once this is completed, I will have the first of many data storage services created. The intent is to create a simple data store to use while I build the rest of the engine. I have other Stories for creating SQL and Cloud based services, but those are more complex. While the engine is being developed, I want to just use a simple local data store.

Character Security Permissions

This story contains the meat of the engines security framework. When completed, Permissions can be created and assigned to Roles. There will be a framework constructed for objects that need specific security permissions, to register for them.

Command Security

Pigging backing on top of the Character Security Permissions story, this will allow Commands to register for permissions they require. The engine will ensure that users have the required permissions within their roles before letting them execute the command.

Wrapping up

Since I am the only developer, each sprint is scheduled for 4 weeks, so it will be a bit before this sprint is completed. If the user stories are finished early, I will pull more stories in and continue working until the end of the sprint.

As each story is completed, I plan on writing a post on what work was done and what the features are. I would also like to do a code analysis and report the quality of the code for each story.