Disappointed in Adobe Lightroom for iPad

I can see potentially editing photo's stored within Lightroom on my Mac while I am out and on my iPad. It's unfortunate though that they did not ship the iPhone version with it at the same time.

The work flow that would have me signing up for the creative cloud in an instant is the syncing of my photo's wirelessly from my iPhone to my Mac and iPad. Right now, as far as I can tell, I would have to take the picture on my phone, plug the phone in to the iPad via a camera connection kit and import in order to sync the photo's across my devices.

The fact that Photostream only syncs full-sized images back to the Mac (reduced sizes across iOS devices, so not originals), means that I can't rely on Photostream to carry my photo's from iPhone to iPad and Lightroom.

Until Lightroom ships on the iPhone, so that I can take a picture and sync the original file to my Mac and the thumbnail to my iPad, I can't justify paying for a service that seems half-baked.

I'd be happy if they just provided a temporary work-around by shipping a "Lightroom Sync" app to the iPhone that pulled my phone's Camera Roll photo's and pushed them to my Mac, with no other features.

So I guess I'll just have to continue waiting for a perfect syncing platform.