I had the opportunity to watch how a single post can have a pretty big effect on your site. I posted the other day on why I prefer C# over Objective-C and the same day I posted it, I lost 45% of my subscribers. Granted my site doesn't have many to begin with (< 100) it was still interesting to see that many go at once.

It kind of makes me think of our society as a whole. We as a society are less open to the opinions of other people. If someone's opinion doesn't fit in to our comfort zone than we immediately label them as wrong and disconnect ourselves. In a lot of cases, you can't have a decent debate anymore without getting flamed or hated on pretty extremely. That appears to be what has happened here (not the flaming part) - instead of hanging around to see what content I'll continue posting, the Objective-C (presumably) crowd bailed.

It's a free world and all, and I'm not here for subscriber counts anyway so I don't really care. It was just something I found interesting.