Routing messages between objects

One of the things I really want to address and fix with this version of the Mud Designer is message routing. If the user sends a command, I want the command to be routed through a central location that knows what to do with it. Is it a single player game or multiplayer? Based on the kind of game it is, the engine needs to route the information sent differently.

For offline games, all commands should just execute locally and spit back to the user the results. For online games the command must go through the server and all other server based objects that are affected must be notified. So coming up with a routing system is important.

User input isn't the only thing routing affects. The world environment and it's objects must be able to communicate to the user. If it is an online game, the environment must distribute it's messages to all users on the server. If it is a single player game, then the messages must go directly to the user locally and not over the network. The latest build of the engine allows for this. Essentially, all communication is routed through the IGame object, which can decode/encode messages before passing to and from the player object.

It'll be a much needed improvement.