To much entertainment content

I've been spending time thinking on the topic of entertainment lately. Pondering if we as a society have to much of it.

For instance, on my iPad I have 111 games out of my 309 installed apps, 45 games on my iPhone. On my Steam library I have well over 100 games, bought and paid. None of these games I have finished, more than half haven't even been played more than 5 minutes.


I have 17 podcast subscriptions, which produces 42 new episodes for me to listen to each week. Because of the quantity of podcasts I listen to. (I enjoy them!) I can't keep up with my audible subscription, where I currently have 19 books totaling 341 hours of audio, with unspent credits for redeeming books and unspent cash credits.

My commute round-trip is usually just shy of two hours everyday and I can usually get in 2-3 hours of content while I listen and work; I still can't keep up with my audio entertainment, let alone all of the video games and movie bundles we've acquired lately.

Throw in your social networks and RSS feeds and you find yourself swimming in so much media that you have no time to do other stuff, like play one of those games I haven't touched yet.

There are so many sales now-a-days that sometimes it's hard not to buy stuff. I wonder what impact cramming so much content in our busy schedules will ultimately do to you. Raising a new born, working full-time and starting a independent start up company leaves little time for entertainment, and yet I buy, and buy and buy.

So my new goal is to stop buying content, weed out my podcasts and finish what I have before I go any further with buying more stuff. Even when it's on sale.