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Johnathon is a open source software developer who builds software applications that target both Microsoft's .NET Framework on Windows with the Visual C# programming language and Apple's Cocoa Touch Framework on iOS with the Objective-C programming language. He started developing software applications at the age of 10; building his first project by 13 called TBG Engine. The TBG Engine was a MUD game engine built using Visual Basic 5 and later migrated to VB.NET and finally C# before replacing it with a new project called the Mud Designer Game Engine. Most of his experience is with Visual Basic and C#, however he has used Objective-C for the last year and a half and has tinkered with C++, Java and PHP.

Johnathon works full time as a .NET developer, writing software applications for internal use within the business. When he is not at work, he spends his free time with his wife and newborn daughter while maintaining his programming hobby. He has both a Twitter and a Google+ social account, however he primarily uses the Twitter.

Programming History

Now, 29 years old, Johnathon is the lead developer for multiple open source projects hosted on Microsoft's Codeplex site and GitHub The following list provides links to his current open source projects.

Mud Designer Game Engine 

Multi-User-Dungeons (or MUDs) are online multiplayer games that are text driven, and combine role-playing, hack and slash and social chatting into a computer game that can be played through a special client, or a web browser. Typical MUDs are layed out in the style of a book, where the user is immersed in a world through text. The player can move from room to room, and read a description of the room, the objects and characters within that room, events that take place along with other things in a virtual world. Players can interact with each other as they will occupy the same world together, and usually play the game in a role playing manor.

The MUD Designer Engine contains a MUD Game Engine completely written in C# from the ground up. It supports Game Management, Networking, Scripting, Custom Commands and dynamic MUD creation.

Johnathon is the lead developer on the project and has worked on it since 2005 when it replaced the prior version titled TBG Engine. As of 11/2013, the project had been downloaded a total of 2,739 times.


 Johnathon developed the iRingtones utility to convert Wav formatted music files into MPR formatted ringtones for iPhones.

iRingtones provided a graphical approach to using the freely available Nero AAC Encoder. The Encoder is used to convert a standard WAV file into an iPhone compliant M4R ringtone, adds the ringtone to the users iTunes library and finally copies it into the users iTunes Ringtones folder.

rScripting Engine

The rScript Engine is a complete light-weight script library wrote in C# for providing a simple way to implement scripting into any Microsoft .NET Framework application. The rScript Engine supports C# and Visual Basic language based scripts along with providing support for adding custom compilers to the engine so developers can implement their own compilers as a script engine.

Allows for dynamically compiling scripts, accessing and modifying their properties during run-time, method invoking and dynamic Type instancing.

It was based off of the powerful scripting engine wrote for the Mud Designer and allowed both Windows Application developers and XNA Game developers to easily provide extensibility to their apps and games.



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