Motorola Wireless buds Review

So I picked up a set of wireless buds from Motorola this week to see how well they work. I've used wireless headphones in the past and have not been very thrilled with them. I was hoping these would be better; which they are.

The primary reason I wanted a set of wireless earbuds (and not headphones) was because I listen to content in just one ear at work so I can hear when people need to ask me something. So I needed ear buds. Did I have to have wireless? Probably not, but at home when walking with my newborn, the wires can be painful for my ears as she grabs a hold of the wire and jerks the buds from my ear. So wireless earbuds it is.

I was surprised actually buy the weight of the Buds, expecting them to be a bit lighter overall. Once I got them on though, I found that I tend to forget I'm wearing them. So the weight really isn't an issue for me.


The Buds come attached to a U shaped stem. The stem goes around your neck and connects via Bluetooth to your device. The earbuds themselves are connected to the stem and have a bit of cable attached to them. Essentially, you unplug them from the stem when you want to listens and then re-attach the to the stem when you are done. They're connected using a magnet which makes it really easy.


The stem is a bit long for me, as it tends to jut out a little past my chin. One of the downfalls of a "one-size-fits-all" I suppose. Again, I don't notice it myself when I wear it, but it does draw attention to it from those around you.

The stem has your typical controls on it, volume control on one side and play/skip on the other. The buttons will work with your phone calls, since the headset has a microphone built into it. Making phone calls on my iPhone was easy. I pressed and heled the play/call button, spoke to Siri and the call was made. Really easy.

The ear buds themselves fit into my ears really well. I've tried nearly a dozen Bluetooth headsets and have yet to find a pair that fit well in my ear until this set. It comes with a series of bud covers that you can use to adjust the bud size, but I found the standard size that came default worked well.

The audio quality is pretty good. Considering what I am using it for, I was not expecting Beats level audio quality. There is a noticeable lack of bass, and music sounds a bit "tin" like, but it works just fine for what I needed them for. I typically listen to Podcasts and Audiobooks where you can't really hear any quality loss from the standard Apple ear buds.

Overall the product is solid and works great, I would definitely recommend them to people.