iOS & OS X photo syncing Revisited

Back in February I wrote about how I handle iOS to OS X photo sync. One of the issues that I complained about was the lack of video support in the Flickr app. It would not let me upload videos automatically. That has since been resolved by moving to another service. OneDrive.

Microsoft's OneDrive app allows for both photos and videos to automatically upload in the background, over cellular and wifi. This is great! I enable the feature, let my photos and videos upload to my Mac and then I port them in to Aperture.

Another one of the changes I made, was to convert my Aperture library from a managed library to a reference library. So instead of Aperture putting my photos in its database, it will store them in a folder structure I specify. It happens to be the same project structure I spoke of in February, but now reflected on my local hard-drive as well. This makes uploading to Flickr much easier. Once my photos are imported from OneDrive to Aperture, I then rename them appropriately within Aperture (which renames the originals as well) and drag & drop the originals to Flickr for uploading.

I currently have about 3,000 family photos in Flickr, so it's really nice to have them with me every where I go. This new process has helped me cut the cord between my phone and computer completely now. I've got a total of 10,000+ photos/videos at around 110gb. At some point in the near future I'll get the rest of them uploaded to Flickr. It's a big project to get them up there, so I've been doing it a little at a time.