Mud Designers new home on GitHub

I had previously been maintaining two different repositories for the Mud Designer. The first was on my personal GitHub account and the other was on Codeplex.

A few weeks ago I created a new team on Git Hub called Mud Designer. There are several repositories under the team, such as the Mud Engine, the new cross-platform server stuff and the documentation source for the real help docs.

In order to help people navigate the repositories, I have setup a Home repository. For all things Mud Designer, the Mud Designer Home should be your starting place.

Some of the repositories have source in a branch other than Master right now as its being developed. So be sure to check all of the branches out when exploring the code.

Project milestones have been defined on the Mud Engine repository and the server repository. Over the next couple of weeks I will be creating backlog work items in the issue tracker, so people can get an idea Of how far along the project is in each milestone.

The previous repositories found on Codeplex and under my account will be deprecated going forward.